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Single Stock Equities

CPT Markets UK offers a range of single stock equities – both in the form of single stock cash equities and single stock equity CFD’s.

Single Stock CFDs provide you with Direct Market Access (DMA) to most-popular “blue-chips” in US, UK and European markets. You can invest into Apple, Amazon, Google (Alphabet), HSBC, Pfizer and other popular equities starting from just 0.1 lot that matches one single share in the corresponding Exchange.

The range of equity CFD markets offered by CPT Markets UK is traded through the ever-popular MetaTrader 4 platform, and we also offer API services for traders using their own dedicated platforms or algorithms.

Single Stock CFDs allow investors to enhance their investment mix with the opportunity to profit from the movement of stock prices, without buying the underlying stocks themselves.

Benefits of the single stock product offering from CPT Markets UK include:

 – Commissions for stock CFDs are lower than those for stock trading
 – You can place both long and short positions
 – Instant order execution and a high liquidity